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      Guangxi Logistics

      The business of Guangxi logistics, started in 1999, is run by Guangxi Sin-wideshine International Logistics Co., Ltd and Fangchenggang Wideshine United International Ship Agency Co., Ltd. Both subsidiary companies are located  at Fangchenggang  which  is  a  north coastal  city  of  Guangxi  province.  Fangchenggang  Port  is the largest trade port of Guangxi province.

      Service we provide:
      ship’s agency for international sailing vessel, Forwarding agency for import & export cargo , International ship’s chartering , cargo warehousing , cargo stowage yard leasing, vehicle weighing, machinery operation, special railway leasing, etc.

      Our Advantages:
      A warehouse base covering 160,000 square meters;
      Two special railway lines;
      Pure electronic vehicle scale and over 10 sets loading equipment.
      Professional and experienced managerial staff;
      Rich logistics experience of more than 10 years.

      We have formed characteristic management by offering a complete set of supporting service for clearing the inward/ outward formalities of cargo. We provide convenience for our clients with corresponding mechanism and give them more security with solid strength.

      For further information please contact:
      Add: 7# Youyi Road , Fang Cheng Gang, Guangxi
      Dept Tel:
      Marketing Dept: 86-770-2837102 86-770-6101011
      Warehousing Dept : 86-770-2837105 86-770-2832207
      Shipping Agency: 86-770-6100111 86-770-2833341
      Ship’s Chartering : 86-770-6103688 86-770-2833629
      Forwarding Agency: 86-770-2834900 86-770-2831127
      Fax: 86-770-2831107
      2007 copyright: Wideshine Enterprises Co. Ltd.
      Tel:+86-(0)20-22647008 Fax:+86-(0)20-38770196 ICP No.;06031367